Sunday, October 13, 2013

winter 2013-2014 travel plans!!

So, here's a me in the wilds of northern Nova Scotia, but in other travel news:

This winter, Mr. Bun and I are heading to China and Japan this December for about 3 weeks!

USA -> Japan -> China -> USA, something like this.

(not helpful hint: it's me it's me)

It's been about 5 years since the two of us studied abroad there (long enough ago that I was still in super blonde mode) and I'm looking forward to visiting again. At that time, we were the only students from our university being sent abroad to Japan that year... and fast forward to the present day, we just had our 2nd wedding anniversary! So many memories aaaaa

August 2008.
........I vaguely recall packing at 3AM the day of my flight and being very confused.
This time, it's a different story.
I can dress better and pack better now!! ROUND OF APPLAUSE, SELF!

Bonus: dressed in drag. Oh yeah.

I'm already trying to organize a capsule wardrobe for this trip. Last time putting a categorized list together beforehand helped quite a lot with getting it all together, but I still ended up packing up too much crap that wasn't necessary or versatile enough to warrant bringing along.
Somehow, in China, unlike Japan, I was never able to find cute clothes like I've managed to snag on TB either, so I'm not sure where they're all hiding... the search begins?!

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