Sunday, October 20, 2013

TB in october! it's a fall haul! shopping @ forestgirlfans and platinum angel

Sturm und Drang?

I'm feeling more than a bit gloomy and blah today. Perhaps dressing up a bit will help.

[ETA] It helped. I'm not 100%, but still better. I have a lot of things to be happy about and thankful for, but today is just ehhhhhhhh arghhhhhh harble garble


I'm also thinking about getting some macarons later, if I can find them. I'm not one to get excited over OMG PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING  but I've heard these are really delicious, and since the only bakery in town that sells fresh macarons closed shop --

 Next best thing, maybe? They've gotten rave reviews but they're $5 for 12, ouch


Here's my fall haul roundup from Forestgirlfans and Platinum Angel!

My thoughts for this selection -- Let's be comfy and warm without sacrificing style.

 I was surprised at how soft everything in this batch was... everything seemed to have a vintage wash softness to it that you just wanna rub your face in. Too bad I had to wash it all first and drip dry it without fabric softener bloo bloo bloo
Also, a surprising lack of loose threads, holes, defects, chemical smells, etc. I think I'm getting better about my shop and item selection!

I love the repurposed cut n' sewn feel! It's like comfy sweatshirt meets cute dress. This is also available in cream on navy as opposed to navy on cream, which I bought.
 Back view. The jersey DEFINITELY ABSOLUTELY part is sewn to the stripey dress layer so the two are unremovable, but this slit in the back gives the illusion of layering.... neat detail.

Kind of eccentric, yet cozy and fun. I wasn't sure about the faux fur elbow patches -- I'm historically not a fan of those -- but this had so many cool details I was intrigued.

"Everybody do it again from the beginning!" on the front left-hand chest, and
and "Rivet and Surge -- I'd rather be a failure in something I love than a success in something I don't"
Some food for thought there, albeit covered by my back??

Much to my surprise and wonderment, upon further research on the good ol' internets, I found that rivet & surge is a thing? Like a legitimate department store chain boutique kind of thing, with locations in Laforet Harajuku, PARCO Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku MYLORD....
And while the price tag lists a typical Japanese department store price, about $50 USD, one would be led to believe that I snagged this sweater for about Y20 CNY, or $11 USD.
I've been pondering this for a while.

Possibility #1: This is a dummy tag just attached to make the item appear like a more legit ~Japanese style~ item. The Japanese checks out (including the washing and handling instructions, not pictured)
However, the giveway is... I'm pretty sure it's mixed materials, NOT 100% polyester.

Possibility #2: This item is an import/export, manufactured in China to go on sale in Japan and then bought by China to sell to domestic consumers on Taobao. I think this is unlikely because I have seen this in practice, i.e. Japanese brands like Milk or Jane Marple or Grimoire Almadel's Verum for sale on TB for what they'd normally go for in Japan (the equivalent of thousands of yuan)

Possibility #3: This item is a knockoff.

Possibility #4: This item is somehow defective, or it's surplus stock from rivet&surge's supplier in China, whoever that may be.

I have no way of finding out whether this is a legit item or not, and I don't really mind either way, but it's interesting to speculate. I have no idea how the international clothing merchandising market works, clearly lol D: I think it's most likely that it's just a fake tag snapped on to make it look more legit when it is not. More on that when we get to the green jacket....

I love this! I do wish it was a little longer though-- I have to wear shorts or leggings I know are opaque under it, since when I'm sitting down the 'button up' part separates, haha.

 The gingham print is super cute, and has little flecks of color that are hard to see from far away. I dig the cute buttons! It is a functional pocket, but kinda small. Perfect for some change or bus tokens.

This is soft and comfy!! The lace details aren't pockets, but they make me think of snowflakes.

I like the lace neck trim and the hem trim as well. Also, look!! Bikes!! Cute.

This one doesn't look like much all by itself, but it's fantastic when worn and goes with pretty much anything! There are some lace details, and also tabs hidden in the sleeves so they can be rolled up and buttoned to stay at three quarter length. Perfect for me, who needs a bib and rolled up sleeves at all times, especially when eating

Military-style jacket by Platinum Angel
 Really nice olive-green hooded  jacket with lace trim! Not super warm, but great for an unexpectedly chilly, rainy fall (or spring) day. The pockets in front are really roomy and nice to keep cold hands in. It also comes in a dusty rose color, but I was feeling the leafy olive green more for some reason.

Lace details on pockets. The waist is drawstring adjustable.

OK, here's another reason to think the tags are just randomly placed. This tag, which was attached to the jacket, cites the source as GINZA ISEYOSHI Co. Ltd., which is a classy kimono shop. Haaa....

Cute brooches by Platinum Angel 1 2 3
Just some cheap zakka brooches I bought for fun -- all were under 5 yuan, or about 80 cents. The 'Dutch' girly I like to stick on the beige button-up tunic, the bunny I've been wearing on my green jacket, and the ribbon just kind of goes wherever it is needed.

 SO PRETTY! A great addition to your wardrobe for mori and romantic fairytale looks. I haven;t been able to wear it much yet, unfortunately, since I get around by bike most of the time and I fear the lacy trim would get caught in the chain and the spokes, but it looks lovely on and I can't wait to experiment with it more.

Contrasting eige lace panel detail.
Forestgirlfans' tag, version 1.

Lovely for layering, but unfortunately fits me a bit too tightly -- glovelike, not enough to be uncomfortable, but emphasizes... what I'm not comfortable emphasizing, usually, lol. So I've been wearing this, as the FGfans model has shown in different coords, under wide neck or off the shoulder tops, so the lace is visible.

Forestgirlfans tag~ my favorite bunny version!

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