Saturday, September 28, 2013

~pour la fille de la forêt~ mori specific shop list


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I haven't written all summer long! I am terrible at doing things unless I have a need to procrastinate! I have studying to avoid for a mid-term Chinese oral exam, which means NOW IS THE TIME!

These past few months I've been having a love affair with layers and unstructured, loose-fitting clothing, which is intensifying as it gets colder.

I have really been wanting to share some Taobao shops I've been enjoying on my natural/mori kick this early fall (I'll add them to my favorite shops master list at some point as well. Haha, 'at some point,' she says...) I'm looking forward to posting some outfit snaps as well for posterity, as I'm trying to track my fashion evolution. I'm still feeling out the little red riding hood forest gamine aesthetic while trying to steer clear of the vaguely Pentacostal cult bag lady look. It's umm... hard to articulate, but it's definitely an ongoing issue I have.

Forest Girl Fans

Very embellished clothing, shoes, and occasionally some accessories. A lot of cutie-pie Little House on The Prairie-ness is at work here. They seem to have a stock overlap on some items with Platinum Angel and some other shops I have visited, but I really like that they model, coordinate, and accessorize all their items. Even though some styles delve too far into the realm of grandma-tastic for me, they have so much available you're bound to find something you like.

Right now you can also peruse these tags --

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原创设计 Original designs
夏末清仓 Summer Clearance Warehouse 
每日新款 New Styles Daily
人气爆款 Popular Styles

Platinum Angel

WOW they have a dazzling amount of merchandise. A lot, a LOT, and there are a variety of styles available, though the general theme seems to be learning toward a vintage-y, comfy, shabby-chic type of feel. Lots of sweaters and DIY/ re-purposed cutsew sweatshirt knit hybrid creatures. Stock is updated very, very often and they have a small selection of cheap zakka and accessories like cute brooches and pins available to mix things up a bit. I am dumbfounded by the sheer number of trousers they have on sale....

M. babyruy

Very cute stuff! A smaller stock than the previous two shops, but as far as I can tell all items are from the in-house brand. Somewhat basic, for the most part, and well made, too. I regretfully haven't had the chance to give their new Autumn clothing a shot, but I ordered a few more breezy pieces from them earlier in the year (including the color blocked OP on the lower right) and have been very happy with them --  I found they leave you with an effortlessly cute kind of look, and at lot of strangers, mainly women, have reacted positively to my coords and complimented me when I have worn this brand out. The items are unique enough to be sufficiently eye-catchy, but not OTT enough to draw them hairy eyeballs, etc.


 This photo is from TB shop Maggie-Z -- I haven't had the pleasure of ordering from there, but her bike reminds me of mine!!

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