Monday, April 1, 2013

tonymoly's petite bunny gloss sticks!

hi there! 안녕하세요!

i have some new buddies from korea! courtesy of a good friend--
petite bunny lip gloss bars by tonymoly.
i've recently discovered this brand, and am a big fan of both their use of all-natural ingredients, such as fruit and vegetable extracts, and their adorable presentation style!

you want the cute?
YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE CUTE!! even though some have observed they resemble bunnified tampons!?

extract properties:

#1 juicy strawberry: prevents skin trouble, refines pores.
#2 juicy grape: contains potent antioxidants, regenerates cells
#3 juicy apple: pectin fortifies pores
#4 juicy cherry: has whitening and anti-aging properties
#5 juicy peach: prevents dry skin, strengthens skin immunity
#6 juicy orange: has abundant vitamin C, whitening for radiant skin

& some newcomer cuties! the neon sisters: neon orange, neon yellow, and neon red. their 'skin benefits' are a mystery to me!

speaking only from my experience with my dears, sassy #3 and angry #4:

OMG. speaking from the perspective of someone with a rabbity predilection: grabby hands. strength is irrelevant. resistance is futile. cutest glosses i have ever seen.

the colors go on subtly, very glossy and shiny. i found i did have to reapply a few times to get them to show up clearly. these are great for daily wear. true to packaging, #3 has a more purple-y, magenta hue. cherry is a pinkish red, but again, both colors deepen through further application.


#3 apple in natural lighting.
#4 cherry in gross incandescent lighting :(

it's a solid, lipstick-style roll on. feels nice and smooth on your lips, and don't make them all dry and crackly like some other stick glosses i've tried. i always like to put a little clear lip balm on first to make the flaws of my lips stand out less, though.

 they both have a light and fruity scent, though #3 is hardly as apple-y as I would expect it to be (before I knew what it was, I was calling it 'indistinguishable tasty fruit' or just pretending it was something exotic like mangosteen...)

so... in summation.
they have a highly collectible look, which is tempting, but as much as i love them, i'm not sure that the colours are different enough to really be worth buying every single shade (unless you really really want to, just to keep all those cute faces!) i do want to check out the #1 light pink still.

where to buy??
pretty and cute 

i'm looking forward to posting about more tonymoly products as well!!

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