Monday, April 22, 2013

spring 2013 taobao mini haul KITAAAAAAAAAAAAA━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!! beep beep beep beep beep

So chocolatey!!
This haul may be small, but I'll have you know it's truly, truly outrageous (A SPRINGY FANTASY)

Ahem. It's breakdown time~

Convertible floppy hat by 夫车马
I've been in need of one of these for a long time, mostly for practical keep-the-sun-off-face-and-neck purposes. And the brim on this lovely hat can be folded down for those needs! Unfortunately it's not really photogenic when it's flopped out like that...

 Yellow cross-strap flowery dress by lucky house
SO SWEET! Another great find from lucky house!! This dress has the cutest details. I am loving the countryesque, springy aesthetic, the ruffles and lace, the flower pattern (super flowery at the bottom, and then a sparse scattering of flowers and petals at the top, as if they're being blown into the wind.)
MILK DAIRY DIARY "book-style" purse by 娟子时尚女人坊
 Such a cute idea! I absolutely love the shape of the bag, the design, everything. I do wish the storage compartments were bigger, but I have my bottomless satchel bag for that purpose, I guess. Interestingly, my wallet is also shaped like a book...!!!!!!
If you would believe it, there's a little book inside my (enormous) book-shaped wallet as well.

 Bear hat by 盼盼帽业
 Roar! I'm really a rabbit, but I can be a bear too, really. It just depends on my mood, but this hat helps.

Comfy pleated culottes by nanalcollection店
These are quite comfy indeed, but contrary to its cute pleated skirt look, this is actually a pair of shorts. Hello, secret shorts samurai cybersquad. Who's with me??
 Retro side-zip booties by 季小莫家 Zee Amor
Love the convenience of the side-zip on these, so I can keep 'em permanently laced. The opening is wide enough to allow for slipping them on, too. Laces?! Who needs 'em!
After a 'test flight,' I'm none too happy about how they messed up my socks, though. I wore them for a brief errand out to break them in, and when I took them off the toes of my OTK beige socks were spotted with black, and somehow the teeth of the side zipper had snagged on some of the threads on the side of the sock ankle and pulled them out a bit. Now it's all loopy >( So I guess I'll have to be more careful next time, and wear socks that I don't mind getting funky...


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