Saturday, April 20, 2013

day by day.... BB cream diary

4/17 Wednesday
 YAHAAA! A new face, same place??
I've been using Clinique BB cream in 01 for two years now. It's been a good match for my sensitive/combination skin, but at $40 a pop and 2-3 tubes a year... yeah. Not what I'd call a sustainable habit, and it doesn't really blow me away enough to continue shelling out $$. My most recently purchased tube is bottoming out, so I've been shopping around for something new and found~~

Skinfood's Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream
It's about $19, ships quick, (from K WAVE USA) SPF 20 PA+, and advertises triple skin benefits of whitening, anti-aging, and sun blocking. I was mostly on the prowl for a cream that would suit my skin tone though, which is difficult to come by -- even if I hit the local drug stores -- since everything  too much on the warm side. Not being able to test it first, I was honestly a little anxious.

 Some off-the cuff observations:
  • The tube is slightly larger than the Clinique BB I'm using, but they both have the same amount of product. (1.7oz/50g)
  • Mushrooms are cute.
  • I'm having second thoughts, though. What if it actually smells like musty shrooms?
  • The lid seems to be made of cardboard -- it seems pretty sturdy, but I hope it'll hold up. Neat insignia on the bottom. The design of the entire bottle is pretty neat.
  • Will the 'whitening' component make me even whiter?
  • Is that font Comic Sans MS?!

 It's too late to try the cream, unfortunately, as I've just showered and scrubbed off all my makeup for the day. I smoothed a drop on the back of my hand and it seems to blend well. It does look similar to the Clinique BB in terms of color and texture. It's very light, a bit shiny, and has a floral scent that starts off more juicy green plant-y. So it doesn't smell like shiitakes soaking in water or something...good! I was actually expecting something more earthy.

 My Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink lipstick in #5 Red Cat came, too!!!!!! All I gotta say is ME-OW.

 Well, g'night! I'm gonna take these for a spin tomorrow~

4/18 Thursday
Bike commute to work again. Chilly morning. Lots of sunblock as usual, moisturizer, and let's slap on dat BB.

 Skinfood on the left, Clinique on the right.

It feels really nice. It's silky, smoothing, evened out my skin tone (which is pink and a little blotchy this morning, ew) and even though I was put off by the fragrance at first, it only took a few minutes for me to not be able to notice it at all. It looks to be a warmer shade on my face when compared with the Clinique BB, but when blended well this doesn't seem to be an issue.

Then the Cat Chu Wink...  TRIPLE THREAT!! Because 'double' just doesn't sound as good. Um, um, I gotta find something else for the third thing. OK, rabbit hoodie it is!!


 Not drying, cute pop of color, and doesn't highlight the flaws in my lips, which are numerous! Doesn't seem as if it will be long-wearing, though, and especially since I am constantly drinking water all day, I have a feeling reapplications will be in order. My biggest beef with this otherwise adorable and useful product is that the lipstick is just so damn hard to roll up! I played with the tube for five minutes until I was able to get the stick to pop up. I tried again and couldn't replicate my technique to push it up, so I just fiddled with it until it came up again somehow. I sure hope it isn't broken.

Before I head off, here's some easy listening cuteness for you:

I particularly enjoyed the comment by a certain YouTube user which read:

"Im a fucking punk!! So fucking punk!!!  Destroy everythi... OMFG Taeyeon is so fucking CUTE!!"

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