Saturday, December 15, 2012

excited for christmas in taobaoland!!! haul preview

Hi there, it's been awhile, eh??

Getting stoked for a Christmas present for myself, I guess, is the way that it worked out this time A good friend and I split shipping too, so all is good in the neighborhood! I also managed to procure some prezzies for others this way I just hope everything arrives before the 25th!

To tell you the truth, I am experiencing buyer's remorse about some of this stuff after the whole process is over... especially the pink cardigan with the bow detail in the front. I was just struck last night with, 'ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A LIFETIME COMMITMENT OF GENTLE HANDWASHING AND DRIP-DRYING?! (shallow breaths)' but I think it's going to be OK, I won't really know how worth it is until it arrives, right? I can't wait to try everything on and parade around, hohoho.

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