Sunday, December 16, 2012

bento & the unaesthetic chef

My husband, Mr. Bun, is an awesome cook, so I'm lucky to have him make food for me most of the time! Since he's busy with his postgraduate studies, I've been experimenting with making box lunches and with cooking sometimes (even though I'd much rather eat his delicious foods ) and searching for inspiration online, hoping to make us both cute lunches we can bring to school and work. Luckily, there's plenty to be found, but there's so much high-level stuff out there, omg. I cannot begin to compare, but it's crazy awesome


One of Anna the Red's many amazing kyaraben (character bento.)
piggie bento (not sure re: source)
doraemon kyaraben from mymealbox
chicken and burdock bento from Shizuoka Gourmet
and this is just a "leftovers" bento! S-so beautiful.... ;A;

I know I'm a n00b when it comes to both cooking and box lunch making, because it feels like all my lunches end up looking more like this, aesthetically:

open wiiiiiide! >D

Tiny Horror Lunches (aka mine):

Haunted curry korokke (croquette) box! Needs much help aesthetically, but not bad
Self-made California roll with crabstick, avocado, cucumber, and spicy
Sriracha mayo.
Another version for Mr. Bun and his super manly lunchbox!
Alternating California rolls and spicy tuna mayo rolls.

Ahh. Le boring, yet aesthetic Unadon (BBQ eel rice) leftovers??
I-I like beni shoga... a lot .... 

I guess this is what I'm thinking of, when I was alluding to aesthetic horror stories.
:( My first photo recorded attempt at 2 fancy, sculptural bento came out really ugly,
but was shockingly edible! I made octopus weenies and then lotus root and
asparagus tempura, a carrot and cucumber salad (not pictured) and used leftover
mushroom rice from the night before for the base. Not bad, but kind of scary looking...

Super spooky pork shogayaki lunch with rice, gyoza, egg, & potato salad.

And lunch at home! Crazy fusion-y bulgogi, veggie, & kimchi fried omurice.

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