Sunday, December 16, 2012

fall taobao mini haul: a retrospective, gobble gobble

While I'm still waiting for the next order to come, here's a small order I never really discussed, mainly because the bulk of the items I ordered were small cosplay accessories. Well, that's a story for a rainy day! I do want to review some cosplay shops at some point, but I'm hesitant to open that can of worms, somehow...

 Bow loafers from 娜娜精选女鞋
 Loaf at first sight. I love how simple and yet adorable these are! They go with pretty much everything, and I love effortlessly cute shoes like this that I can just step into and go. I am cursed with the eternal affliction of 
bow loss-itis, however.... similar to another pair of bow flats I had, after only a few wears, one bow flopped off. Luckily I was able to salvage it and then perform some impromptu reconstructive surgery (thanks, super glue!) but it wasn't long after that the other followed suit. I glued that one back on as well and haven't had any issues since, but I'm still hesitant to carry my tube of Krazy glue around with me since I'm the kind of person who will definitely end up using it as lip gloss by mistake at some point. I sure hope I can keep track of the bows though, since when they came off they leave some scars behind where they are supposed to be attached.

 Mocassins from 时尚元素汇
 Ooh la la, these are so comfy and warm! They're wedges too, though it's not immediately evident. For a bit extra you can have them lined with warm fuzzies, which I did. And my feet have thanked me for it. The long bits at the side with the shell accents are cute, but I ended up tying them a bow because they'd somehow find themselves in my boot and pinch the heck out of me otherwise.

  Faux collars by sasa 原创饰品馆
 Love these, but I can't seem to get them to sit right on the shirts that I have. Nice and simple and good for
contrast, or they will be, once I can find a shirt with a compatible neckline. I wouldn't be averse to trying them out with a sleeveless top, but it's much too cold to even think about that right now....

 Lace tank from  High-淘
 I've been doing quite a bit of layering with this tank, but it's cute all by its lonesome, too! It's very soft, not scratchy like I had originally feared. The front has sort of a built-in slip, but you still need to wear a
cami or bandeau under it to block easy X-Ray vision.

 Haha, just a present for Mr. Bun... I don't know, I thought this was awesome. Somehow it seems to be a standalone parody of both the commodification of Che's image and kawaii culture,or am I looking too deeply into this? :P Ah well. Nice quality tee but probably should have ordered a smaller size for him (men's M was more like US men's M than expected, in this case, and he prefers more fitted cuts.) The print seems to be a 
heat press transfer, so it's not as durable as a silk screen or sublimation print might be. Machine washing inside out and tumble drying low has worked well thus far, the image hasn't crinkled or  faded like some other prints I've made or bought. This shop seems to specialize in t-shirts with bold and unique prints for about Y50 a pop, though designs are, expectedly, unlicensed knockoffs (think characters that are easy to replicate, like Paul Frank's Julius, Comme des Garcons PLAY, A Bathing Ape, Doraemon.) They also have quite a few options for you if you're looking to follow the "matching couple" trend and pick up a t-shirt, longsleeve tee, or hoodie for both you and your love.

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