Saturday, January 5, 2013

happy 2013! christmas/new years taobao haul


You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl etc., etc.! So here are the results of my latest haul over at our favorite Chinese internet shopping hub. I'm sick, and kind of in a weird mood so my face looks like -_- all the time (this was unfortunately proven by the passport photos I had taken today) but this package brought some light to my life! These items were ordered before Thanksgiving and unfortunately didn't make it to me til today, but they were well worth the wait. Nicer still, I split shipping with a good friend and a 'friend of a friend,' so shipping costs were low this time!
I am so spoiled, but there's another package coming from my husband too at this point...

Anyway, onto the unpacking!!

Geranium, Caped Avenger bun, descends upon the well-packed mass!

 Pink plaid top by  欧尚正品女装
Ahhh such a tasty pink plaid! The flannel material seems to be of high quality, too.
It's relatively fitted and flattering, but there's still enough room for me to
add another later underneath if I have to (I ordered an M.)

 White long sleeve top by Magic★
As expected of knit co. items I've ordered from Magic before, this top fits nicely and has 
absolutely adorable detail, especially in the collar and neck area. It has more of a relaxed fit, and
is made of a comfy jersey-knit (t-shirt) material, which should pair nicely with some of the
 high-waisted bottoms I ordered this round. Knowing me, I've got to be careful when eating while
wearing this... I bought a Tide-To-Go pen in anticipation of any stains I might subconsciously try to 
mark it with -____- I am glad for its flexibility, though! It'll go with most anything.

 Brown Axes Femme short by d[s59059847]
 These are very comfy and cute, though they're a little breezy for winter.
The material is a bit lighter and shinier than I would have liked, but I like how
they appear to be a lacy skirt at first glance, and because of the thin material
they'll wash and dry easily (great for my upcoming China trip!) Since there's
 lots of room in the leg, despite my dinosaur thighs, I feel like these
will be easy to dress up or down as well, depending on the occasion,
and I'm looking forward to layering these with cozy tights and leggings.

Apricot bow front cardigan by Magic★
Hmmm... this was kind of an impulse buy. The cardigan appears pink in
the photos, but it's more of a peachy, apricot colour in person. I'm trying my
darndest to find more purpose for it in my wardrobe, but... I'm a total failure
at tying pretty bows, and since the bow is the focal point of the whole thing,
I'm having a hard time. I think it might be nice for work, at least.

Dusty pink Axes Femme hoodie by BOUBOU
I couldn't be happier with this zip hoodie, even though it ended up being more "dusty" than
It is "rose" :P It's hard to find the perfect mesh of girly and warm/comfy/suitable for all kinds
 of adventures... but this is totally it for me. There's lacy trim around the edge of the 
hood, the hem, the (functional) pockets, and the inside is lamb-soft to the touch. 
Ladylike and ready for anything! I'd be hard pressed to find such a unique piece stateside. 
TaoBao, this is why I pledge my undying love to you, lol ;A; I'm not sure
if this piece is a genuine AF or not, but it seems to have captured the 
detail-oriented design that AF strives for. I'm stroking the ruffles! Somebody stop me!

  Forest party cropped long sleeve by 【PP家】
Jury's still out. First impressions aren't everything, though! I have a short 
torso, but this top is still pretty crop-py on me. This top seems to pair well with
high-waisted bottoms, which I am luckily not in shortage of, and
if I'm wearing a high-waisted skirt or shorts, is long enough to tuck in if needed.
I like how the neck isn't wide enough to reveal bra straps,  and I am a big fan of irreverent
English used for aesthetic purposes, soooo... Cheers, Mr. Squirrel, and many happy coords!

 Brown high-waist skirt by 小魔女毛毛
I'm liking the length of this a LOT, especially as a person with a butt!
I was a bit afraid to put this skirt on at first, though. The back waist is fitted
with elastic, but the front is not, which made me worried I would tear something
on the way over my more pronounced anatomy. But all is well in skirt and butt land!
 The length is just above the knee, and though the skirt itself is light and kind of breezy,
it seems to stay put even when it's windy. The lacy hem is a welcome detail too!
As are the cute buttons, which are purely aesthetic and non-functional, much to
my own relief. Can't wait to wear this more.

 Music note sweater top by 公主昕薇

Sweaters are always needed in the kind of climate I am living in, and
this is no exception. The off-white color goes with almost anything.
I am no Ayamo (see: Zipper magazine) but I can still feel cute in this.

"Comme des Garçons" PLAY tunic by 圆梦招牌
Pretty sure this is not an authentic article, if you get my drift. Not quite
my usual style either, but feels really good on. I was expecting more of
a long sleeve tee kind of length, but it's more of a tunic, and can be worn quite 
comfortably with leggings for someone my height and size (160cm)
The ends of the sleeves even have little thumbholes sewn in?!
Gray cuffed shorts by 小米_女装

 Mixed feelings. Super cute, versatile shorts. These were on sale for about
$7.50 USD, which is amazing, so I pounced. They fit OK, look good. They
came with an Über crappie little belt. Like some shorts I've bought before,
the button holes were uncut, so I cut them myself, no problem, but then
the top button came flying off as well. Definitely fixable, but these are 
pretty flimsy, obviously. Sigh. Gonna reinforce the buttons, for sure, before wearing.

 Axes Femme soft faux fur-neck sweater by 韩都柚子
I LOVE THIS. This is what I was waiting for! Soft, soft woven sweater,
with fur n' ribbon collar detail (which buttons off for washing!)  and it
goes with absolutely everything. My only gripe is the ribbon has 2 different color sides, 
and that makes it difficult to tie a nice bow. That's it though, really. I will take this sweater 
to my grave. SO SERIOUS.

 Rabbit pattern tights by 悠悠时尚袜子店

 Plaid ruffle Axes Femme salopette by d[s59059847]
 I have another pair of shorts like these that I bought from YesStyle, but they are way
 inferior and kinda hot-pants-y. Sorry other shorts. Even though the seller sent the 'wrong' color, I see nothing wrong with the brown color scheme and am loving the Axes Femme inspired
cut. No more being sorry about having a butt. NEVER AGAIN.