Monday, June 10, 2013

gatsby? what gatsby? & late spring/early summer mori inspo

So I've been feeling a little like this --


 But then I got a fantastic haircut, and now I'm feeling like the BEE'S KNEES. Oh yeah, I'm talking about the cat's pajamas. Sometimes it's the little things. If I'm having a hard time or slipping into one of those spirals of frumpiness or general un-inspiration, a styling cut always seems to be able to perk me back up again. Even if I am on a diet. Yeah

As the weather gets warmer I'm feeling a more billowy, layery, loose/light mori or natural-kei aesthetic. We'll see where this goes.
 I've been wheedling around about a summer order from TaoBao, but what with cosplay-related things coming up (yeah, that's a whole other story) I'm drawing back a bit. I do have my eyes on some cute things as of late.

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