Wednesday, February 13, 2013

visual packing list: to china, february 2013! episode 2

China trip packing... FINAL DIRECTORS' CUT! We're going to be experiencing all kinds of weather, as well as lots of hiking, so here's hoping I'm cute n' alive by the end. I've just packed both of our clothes and ginseng and books and toiletries and electronics and my cosmetics and fake moustaches, fishnet body stockings, kitchen sink various other things and we have room to spare, which is a good sign. United's international flight weight limit is 23kg, and we're under that too.
There's enough varied legwear to keep me thoroughly entertained in mixing and matching, at least...(*`д´)
Is it too much?
Is it not enough??! Only time will tell!  
All I know is, I'm excited for our adventure, and tonight we're going to go to Philly and EAT SOME PRE-FLIGHT BURGERS!!

Here's the breakdown --


TOPS (5)


    ONEPIECE (3)

      INNER (25, including undergarments)

      ACCESSORIES (2 items)

        PAJAMAS (1 set)

        SHOES (1 pair)

        BATHING SUIT (1)

        & I'm out of here like Vladimir! See you on March 8th 

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