Friday, February 1, 2013

prezzie attack!! let's talk about socks bay-bee, let's talk about you and me...

WOW! It's almost the end of February first, my birthday day! I'm a year older now (unfortunately, I'm not sure how much longer I can claim to be an eternal 23 like I have been) but check out this delicious birfday / xmas stuff I received from my Mr. Bun I picked, and he sponsored this lovely collection of items! And SOCKS, LOTS AND LOTS OF SOCKS!!! Party party until it's time for the groundhog?

Twas a smaller haul than usual, but look how cute! Looky!

Fleecy soft long sleeve tops by  小雨夹雪
SO WARM and whisper-soft! The inner layer is all soft white sheepy fluff!
They're just barely too short to be worn as one pieces, but look cute with
lace shorts and leggings!

mori floral one piece from 森女部落
This is adorbs but looks awkward on me, sadly. For some reason I 
wasn't expecting the sleeves to be shorter than wrist length. Maybe the 
model is just tiny, maybe I just have chimpanzee arms, but I don't usually run into
 this problem. SO MANY QUESTIONS. But it's a great weight for winter, kind of
a thick sweatshirt material. A little rough on the inside, but fine for layering.

 Chloe long sleeve lace collar tee from 依立方服饰
Soft and casual jersey knit, featuring La Tour Eiffel!The collar is 
what sold me on this one, I admit.

Excellent vintage background! place your text dress from 一禅一易
umm, lol. This dress is OUT OF CONTROL! I know ripping off
others' designs is wrong, but this is clearly such a good example
of someone swiping a blog header template or whatever off of google
and not even realizing... well, just take a look at the close up:

hahaha, great job, whoever you are...

lacey culottes 崇尚美
These are pretty interesting! What appears to be lace trim is actually an
inside layer that can be buttoned off, if you prefer. I like the lace
myself, but since the attachment is so loose, you can see some seam
lines sometimes if the shorts ride up. Great fun for layering though,
 especially with the floral tunic, and these are really easy to wash and dry.

tick tock bun bun! socks in light & dark brown from rococo 100%
So glad I got these in two colors! I'm late, I'm late, for a very
important date...

deer socks (2 pair!) red & lt. brown set, yellow & dk. brown set from 中国袜子基
Kind of a nice surprise. I kind of derped and didn't realize that each pair of 
deer socks came with a pair of brown ruffle-trim socks as well. Double 
the socks, double the fun. Or something. I'm sure enjoying them.

wooly tutu*anna frill ankle socks from 落雨小铺袜裤殿
YAY!! Lotsa frills for me! It's hard to tell with the socks to the left
and right, but one pair is black, and the other is dark brown (my phone
camera doesn't pick up the subtle difference in color very well.) I thought
these were going to be warm, but they're not, really. Just cute. And that
is OK with me. I've got so many pieces of cute footwear now that
I can layer to my hearts' content... my sock drawer is getting
overpopulated, though.

bear pattern ankle socks in beige and pink from 足下の良品袜子店
These are kind of like the rabbit socks, but a little more cushy. No
complaints here.

tutu*anna over the knee socks in brown and tan from FiFi's Home
I've been scrunching these down, since they don't stay up very
well over tights. When it gets warmer, I may invest in some sock glue
so they'll stay where they belong above my knee!

puzzle POU DOU DOU ankle boot by 多多外贸日系良品
BEING AWESOME. I love them! They seem pretty durable and 
cute as well, and though they are a bit on the large side (China 37/38, 
while I am inconveniently between a 36 and 37) That leaves plenty
of space for sock layering, which is definitely a must this time of year,
and in the climate I live in. One thing to note is that the brown pictured
is not really that dusty brown, they're more of a deep reddish brown.
I'm too happy with them to really notice or care though!!

Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece Swimsuit from ModCloth
The items above came prior to my birthday so they 
were sort of like a combo b-day/xmas present, but
this is a day-of birthday gift from the mister! This suit
has a very vintage 50's feel, but it's quite flattering and not at
all dowdy. It's sexy in a retro pinup kind of way. I'm
used to wearing two piece bathing suits, but I feel much
more confident in this one and not like I have to suck
in my gut all the time, so that's a plus! I can't wait to
hot spring it up in this one, it makes me feel like a star.

 My birthday present to myself (I know, I know) was a
a Sephora spree, which consisted mostly of free samples, hehe.
Nothing too exciting, just some replenishment was needed.
I blew all my points and it was worth it. I haven't gotten a chance
to take all these babies for a spin yet, but I must say I am pleased
as punch with those 'happy birthday' lip balms in the upper right.
They smell and 'taste' awesome! Kind of like lemon sugar cookies?
Lemon sugar cookies that are attached to my face and I can't stop
licking. Umm, maybe not such a good idea after all.......

Here's to another year, and some Bulldog Mansion!!
(original & 'there she is' version!)

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