Friday, February 8, 2013

rosy's garden haul! alpacas galore♥

Eeeep. China trip in T-minus 5 days  now! Between work and getting sick though, I haven't had much time to work on the packing part. Come on body, don't fail me now---! ANTIBODIES! TO BATTLE!
(pant pant)

I did get my parcel of ultimate cuteness from Rosy's Garden, as mentioned in my last post, though, so I'm feeling cheered up at least
Rosy's is based in Hong Kong, and has both an eBay shop (100% positive feedback/950 transactions) and a StoreEnvy shop, which sell Arpakasso/アルパカッソ merchandise such as plush toys, keychains, cases, and other goods, and some Swimmer alpaca-themed goods mixed in!

 My Haul:

Alpaca march cosmetics case! It's 23 cm or 9.5 in wide. The shape is a bit tapered, as you can see, so it might not be ideal for longer items, though anything up to the width of a normal sized ballpoint pen would fit just fine? There is a secret flap pocket on the inside for tiny things, like coins or small makeup brushes.
Its size is suitable for the bulk of my basic cosmetics, plus a few extras, even!

Design detail. CUTIES!! The style of the print makes the exterior of the case look like matte fabric, but the outside is reinforced with a smooth, water resistant (?) layer. The zipper pulls look like pearls!

I think I have it filled to capacity already~

Sweet alpaca twins draw string bag! I'm using it to store skin care items, currently.
 It's 18 cm by 16 cm,  or 7 in by 6.5 in.

The items were mailed via Hong Kong Post, and though faster options are available, combined shipping was only about $5. The shop owner notified me immediately with a tracking number when the package was shipped, and even included a note about possible delays due to the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. It left HK January 22nd and ended up on my doorstep February 4th, which fell well within the estimated delivery range of 7 to 20 business days.

She also included some super cute free gifts -- two plastic retro deer pattern shopping bags, and a double-ended Swimmer marker! YAY!

Unfortunately, in my excitement, I jammed the yellow marker tip flat by mistake and broke it... nooooo!!!!! I drew the rabbit first, smooshed the marker like an idiot, and then wrote the message on the bottom (see how it's thicker?!) It still writes and draws OK, but it's not fine-tipped anymore because I am a dummy. Sob!

I would most definitely buy from Rosy's Garden again! The shop is worth a look if you're wanting tiny alpaca friends in your life.

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