Friday, December 6, 2013

needs moar inspo

Capsule wardrobe challenge is getting more and more difficult as our itinerary gets more detailed...!!

So I just finished making this to help with my packing needs, but---

--- it seems now we'll be heading from temperate Tokyo to chilly North/Central China, then off to tropical Sanya, Hainan, and then back to North/Central China.

Tokyo average temperature, December: 47F, 8C. (Humid subtropical climate)
Beijing average temperature, December: 30F, -1C. (Semi-arid, cold climate)
Taiyuan average temperature, January: 34F, 1C. (Semi-arid, cold climate)
Sanya average temperature, January: 74F, 23C. (Tropical climate)

MULTI CLIMATE ZONE A-GO-GO. What to do... I had just finished a chilly capsule configuration, and now this. I'm super excited that we get to go back to Hainan, b-b-but! What to pack now? I might have to squeeze in a maxi dress and shawl or something?! No worries, said I, but...

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