Sunday, December 8, 2013

dearli haul fall 2013

A break from final project time. Sigh!! There's a lot for me to think about right now. I really should be studying but I'm feeling a little deflated after a long session yesterday. (I don't know what poked the hole in me though! Ouch!) My week is going to be packed, and not in a good way, but if I can just get through this, it's smooth sailing for the Japan/China trip. AHHHHHH impatient jitters

I've been perusing TaoBao shop Dearli quite a lot these days. The coords in conjunction with the photography? Too fantastic to put into words.

 The shop owner and model has been my fashion muse lately, and I'm always checking back for inspiration.
I want to wander around Qinghai etc. looking like a fabulous nomad D:!!

Here are some of the items I've purchased from Dearli recently--

Oversize plaid jacket

...With a darling Dearli logo lining, and very inaccurate price tag.
Made with love, though, clearly!

Tweed-y suspender shorts

The shorts came with suspenders!!

 Aristocratic blouse

Just call me grandpa-kei~

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