Saturday, August 25, 2012

taobao haul & xmas in july, pt 1.!

Happy Summer, again again! It's nearing Autumn now.

This season has been awesomely eventful, but I feel like the adventurous spirit is beginning to wind down. I got the chance to travel to coastal and central Maine this summer, take the GRE test, read about a book a week, and get together with some dear friends in Baltimore for Otakon. I've accomplished a bit, which seems nice.

Also. Oh yes I di-id....

Help help, I'm addicted to Taobao!! Let this blog serve as testament to my slow but sure downfall (since apparently I can't get motivated to post about hardly anything else, lol.) I don't even purchase my clothes "on the side" from anywhere else these days to avoid cutting into my online shopping fund -- I squirrel away my entire clothing budget for TaoBao shopping. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO LAUGH OR CRY B-but at least I'm not settling for clothes I don't really want anymore?

I'm glad I've become more adept at independently shopping and searching, triple-checking measurements and abandoning clothing I know won't fit, no matter how much I want it. I'm also learning specific search terms and how to navigate finer points of the website more 
Petrovna's Taobao Dictionary (Google Drive document) is a great resource!

Anyway, the results of my many-spendored early summer haul, with the aid of ever-helpful Taobaonow shopping service! Whoo!

[ETA] I've now included the original stock photos from the respective TB sellers for comparison! They are followed by my photos.

They don't help me run faster or jump higher (aww) but these winged sandals are
 from 小L的美鞋屋 and I've found them much more comfortable than normal
flip-flops, which I am not a fan of as they always seem to cut into my feet!
These are pleasantly cushioned -- they even came with a pair of heel pads
you can trim and stick on.

Simple n' casual polka-dot shorts from 火美人日系洋服

Sheer dot socks (cute but get kinda, um, sweaty!) also from 火美人日系洋服店

Denim 3/4 sleeve top, which buttons to short sleeve! The item differs from
the stock photo quite a bit. I was expecting this to be larger but it's more of
a half-shirt, good for wearing over something else. The floral trim is a nice
touch, though, I think. From  Half Brine一半海水

Two-layer knit dress from  美美天使屋^_^MM ANGEL . I actually held off on this for a long time but
 couldn't help coming back to it! The top buttons in the front and is wide-knit, and the bottom layer
is a thin-strap slip dress with a brown hem (looks like a mini skirt in the photo.)
There is a weird discrepancy between the length of the top and the length of the
underlayer when worn together though; the white part of the slip shows between the hem
of the top and the skirt bottom. I probably just need to adjust the straps a bit.

Detail for above, I really liked the tags!

Double Peter Pan collar tee from 甜甜韩潮, just comfy t-shirt material. I had originally
 ordered a different style, but the seller sent the wrong one -- the Taobaonow staff
were nice enough to alert me to the and offer to exchange it, but I liked this one too
so no worries. Reminds me of neapolitan ice cream!
What I was supposed to get from 甜甜韩潮, above.

Cute retro baby doll minidress from Magic★ I feel like I need a cute 60's mod
 haircut to complete this.

Ruffle lace skirt also from Magic★ I've gotten a lot of compliments on this,
but it can be on the scratchy side if you go barelegged.
Same as above, lace detail

Sweet deer dress also from Half Brine一半海水 This one's nice and light even
 in hot, sticky weather, and super cute with a belt.
Deer detail! Deertail? Look at them play!

Sweets tee from 甜甜韩潮 makes me hungry...
Looks delicious, right??

From 甜甜韩潮. It is so cute but I.... I'm on the fence?
I feel kind of clownish when wearing it, even
though I've worn things that are much sillier.
Maybe it's psychological...

Back detail. BFFFFFFs

These distressed lacy jean shorts are from 甜甜韩潮 also. They're very cute but
a bit on the tight side in the crotch area (oh my...)
Back detail, you might be able to see how the lace is sewn on kinda funky

High-waisted jean shorts from 甜甜韩潮 (the original item page is no longer up, though.)
I usually size up just in case -- 'cause I have a butt -- but these are still pretty big on me.

Not a huge issue, but kind of odd... the button "holes" for both jean shorts were
uncut, so I had to rip them open myself.It might be the case that 甜甜韩潮 sells
 imperfect items, but this isn't really anything to complain about as it was easily fixable.

The back. False pocket!

Mustard-colored blouse from 甜甜韩潮, also no longer available. Surprisingly
soft, but a bit translucent.


Woven hat from 澜花物语旗舰店
Everywhere I wear this it looks like I should be boating!

Vintage green plaid dress with belt from 豚鼠家
& both together. This dress is super cute worn, but it's actually on the larger side. I
did get an L just in case the material didn't have much stretch (it doesn't) while
I decided to get an M for the below sailor dress, which worked out pretty well.

Sailor-y, stretchy, comfy dress with detachable tie from 豚鼠家
 So simple and cute! Versatile, not too short, and form fitting.

I had to keep this awesome tag too... their logo is a fancy guinea pig, enshrined in a royal crest!!
I wish I were an alumna of Guinea Pig Academy... squeek, squeek. <-- the school song?!

One last thing!!

Trouble, trouble, trouble...
Yep, I bought a wig!
It's from Coconuts, a retro-girly styled shop that I've bought from
in the past, and it's.... nicer and softer and more voluminous than my real
hair  (muffled sobs) The shop model wears one very similar to this!
It's still a bit too hot here to wear it often, but I'm sure when winter
comes it'll be quite fun to put on :P

For part two, I'll post some photos of the clothing worn for a more three-dimensional effect!


  1. OMG! Im addicted to taobao too! its greaaaat to see your hauls..makes me wanna shop more! :)

    1. athirah, thank you, my fellow tb addict! it makes me wanna shop more too, which might be bad, hahah :D;;

  2. Love this post :) Just dropping by since I have been taobao-addicted too lately and it was like reading my own thoughts in your writing. I should be studying for an exam right now and instead I'm looking at people's taobao haul pictures Y_Y I also just did the GRE about a year ago! Laughed out loud at the "squirreling away" your money part. I think...I am doing the opposite of that right now with my money, where the squirrel is eating the stockpile.

    Drop by my blog too if you'd like :)

    Oh and I was JUST browsing that coconut store ha ha ha Their model is really adorable, no?

    Love that fawn print dress you got.

    1. A kindred spirit!! It's always nice to know I'm not alone in my intense taobao love, haha ♥ I know I haven't updated for a while, but I love finding new blogs to read, and I'll definitely check yours out. Thanks for your comment and dropping in to say hi! ^^

      Coconut is so great, their model IS super adorable. Their shop is well-designed too, compared to so many others out there. You can tell so much effort went into the selection of items, design, and presentation and everything, that's what really makes it work for me, I think. So pretty!

    2. BTW, the fawn print dress is still awesome after many many days of wear (despite the cold weather here, I actually wore it today!) and I would love to recommend it to you, but after a few washes, the elastic waist dropped out... no worries, since I usually wear a belt with it anyway, but now it's kind of an odd A-line thing. The print is no less cute, though (≧∇≦)

  3. You bought so many cute things~ and I think I'm becoming addicted to Taobao too. I just got my first haul a month ago but I already started another list on what to order next T^T which is quite stupid since i'll be in China in 4 months and could just order while I'm there but I want to have so many things even before that xD
    Anyways, thanks for the link to the Taobao dictionary, it's so helpful! :D

    1. Hiya! Thanks for dropping by! Such a slippery slope we're on~~ I do the same thing too, planning orders out right before I finish placing one, orz. I'm not sure what it is about the ordering process that makes it so much fun, but regardless, it seems we're hooked to keep coming back again and again, hehe. I kind of prefer it to 'real' shopping in my own country or abroad, maybe I'm a little weird that way...

      I hope you have an awesome trip! where in China are you headed? I just missed my very first TB order because I was in China when it arrived TAT;; Luckily I had it sent to my parents'!