Saturday, June 9, 2012

mi cretina lisa's sailormoon tee review!

"Mi Cretina Lisa" is an independent Buenos Aires, Argentina-based company that specializes in sublimation printed t-shirts with nostalgic and "geeky" designs, aka Sailor Moon and Saint Seiya

They have just recently opened themselves up to international buyers with their Ebay store. I was lucky enough to be their first international buyer -- WOO! -- and between the item quality, speedy shipping, and awesome seller communication I couldn't be happier with my order.  I decided to order from them on a whim, though the photo of spunky model, or is she an ally of justice? Both! She sure helped cement my decision. She is just owning that tee!

 I ordered a Sailor Moon, and then a Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars for two of my besties, size SM in each. Long ago, the three of us watched the Sailor Moon S movie with until the VHS practically shredded itself... so I thought this reminder, more than a decade later, was only appropriate testament to our junior high obsession.

 Moon Power, MAKE UP!

The t-shirts themselves are of excellent quality, with a very feminine cut and a print that won't fade in the wash. I wasn't really sure what to expect from a heat sublimation transfer tee, having only experience with inkjet heat transfer and silk screen prints, but this heat sublimation... it is magical. It's almost as if the ink is permanently adhered to the fabric, and won't fade over time. In college I used to press regular ol' inkjet heat transfers onto clothing for a living, and let me tell you, those things don't last more than a few rounds in the washing machine; it's more like attaching a vinyl sticker to the front of your t-shirt, and it doesn't last more than a few gentle cycle washes before it gets all nasty and puckery.

So far, this tee is going strong with cold water washes on gentle cycle and hang dry or machine dry on low, and the design as as sharp and clear as ever, so much that you'd think it was just part of the fabric!

I must admit, I'm definitely more of a Sailor Venus than Sailor Moon, but the red, white n' blue color scheme was too cute to pass up (especially since it reminds me of my most favorite kinda-soldier, Sailor V, hoho↓↓)

Verdict? 5 BUNS UP UP UP for Mi Cretina Lisa!!

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