Sunday, July 27, 2014


I'm back! ♪ After another journey to China and then Tibet, and an unexpected wedding ceremony + photoshoot 3 years after our official marriage at the county courthouse, now I'm in the process of doing some paperwork for a new job! Just for my own satisfaction, I think I'll be posting China and/or Tibet photos gradually for a while...

Dress: 指間沙
Jacket: ModCloth
Brooch: Aunt Carrie's Attic (Etsy)
Hat: TB
Tights: Missing. No legs needed. I AM FLOATING.

The mister bought the above dress for me in Taiyuan's enormous new mall (gasp! brick and mortar shopping? i know...) at a shop called 指間沙 (Zhǐ jiān shā) where they combine natural materials -- hemp, raw silk etc. --  and bohemian fashion with traditional Chinese clothing styles, which is a combination that works extremely well, and one I haven't seen elsewhere?!

The lady working there had a very lovely sculptural mullet bob as seen above, and was wearing a dress that I ended up buying later! You can browse their stuff on Taobao at

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