Monday, April 21, 2014

some more forest-y mori girl taobao shop highlights

Does anyone know who I can credit for this cute illustration?

Hoping to recover from a cold, sipping on some mugi-cha and doing a bit of internets window shopping on break from studying for my exam (´・ω・`) Yes, that's when the magic of these posts happen. When I have something to avoid But here are some cute shops I found that might be worth a look! I've only ordered from Rare Butterfly Tribe before (some stuff from day-night is on the way but I haven't received it yet) so I can't vouch for the quality of the others, but I may try them later so I can add them to the master list!
Mori and natural-kei clothing. Seems to have some stock overlap with Rare Butterfly Tribe below, but has original items as well. I love that tank with the lace choker piece.
Mori and natural-kei clothing. Seems like it might be affiliated with Dearli, with reference to the whole chestnut thing...? Great styling and photos that are fun to look at.


 Mori and natural-kei clothing. Unfortunately not modeled, but has a great selection of spring stuff.

Mini Cooper

Moriable and retro/vintage girly bags of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Oldtime Garden

 Handmade accessory shop -- jewelry, brooches, pins, hats, purses, and the like, all with a foresty theme. Looks like it'd be great for all your cult party needs also.

Rare Butterfly Tribe

 Mori and natural-kei clothing, which I actually posted a little about here! There's some new stuff up for spring.


  1. Thank you for all those links! :) I love these shops, so many interesting things :) I'm gonna make a Taobao order soon ^^

    1. Marusera, enjoy! And you are more than welcome :D