Tuesday, May 8, 2012

speaking of taobao... my haul, the third!

Yep, it's the fruits of my long awaited Taobao Spring/Summer spree time!

 C-c-cute cancan-esque hat! Now it really feels like summertime! So 
glad this didn't get damaged en route, these guys are so fragile. TaobaoNow is
 usually quite thorough in their packing, it seems.

  Platform Pumps from Coconuts. The bows are actually clip-on, 
andcame with an extra set in a different color if you want to change 
them up!They look a lot more painful to walk in than they are, especially
 for someone clumsy like me, hurrr. They even came with nonsense
Japanese phrase "それはである" hh

Look at this dapper fellow! Not Peter Rabbit... Pyotr Bunny? I dunno.
But he & this top are super cute! I like the puffy bat wings -- if
they're puffy, are they still bat wings? -- and the ties at the hem.

This slip dress actually came with Pyotr Bunny as part of a set,
since the top is translucent. It's a bit hard to see from the photo,
but it's got a multilayered tulle bottom with a subtle floral pattern.

Very lightweight lacy button-up. Looks like it'd be kind of
scratchy, but it's perfectly comfortable. Very airy. I wore this
to work with a white cami underneath.

AAAAHHHH. This was probably my favorite item, but it's kind of
like a doll sweater on me, and looks way too tight... sigh. Too 
much shoulder and boobage on my end to make this work (sob)

Let's have a picnic with the Wizard of OZ! I'll wear my ruby

These are 'Barbie' shorts and are labeled as such! & It's my fault for 
not paying closer attention to the measurements, but these really feel like they 
were made to fit a lady of Barbie proportions.

Love Tutuanna socks.  I got two pairs and have been washing
'n wearing quite a bit -- I hope I don't wear them out too fast,
because they're lovely and go so well with so many things!! The Tutuanna 
socks I bought waaay back in the Fall of 2008 when I was living in 
Japan are still doing just fine, so I have high hopes for these.

SPARKLESATCHEL, how I hath longed for thee! Unfortunately,
the buckles on the bottom of the bag  (which were for mostly 
aesthetic purposes anyway, who has time to unlatch your bag
every time you need to dive into it for something?!) were not firmly
attached, but rather snapped on... and both have already vanished
into the ether. 

 Dotdotdot all day long.... comes with belt and bow tie, whoo!

I am a British schoolboy! (Not quite)

 Long sequined bow necklace! This came with Mr. Bunbun and
the slip dress set.

 Aaaand definitely going for a lovely marine look with these
breezy polka-dot pants.

That said -- ahh, warm weather! Being landlocked right now I would love to go on a boat ride somewhere and really feel the sea breeze, sigh. As long as my straw hat doesn't blow off, I think I'll be OK.


  1. i like everything you bought. i also ordered the pink polka dot dress.. is it in good quality? Im waiting for my mail to arrive it should be coming next week. Ijust discovered taobao recently.. and i love everything in there.. I was reading ur previous posts too.. you have a lot of cool stuff

    1. Heyy Bright Bamba, thanks for your comment and compliments, hehe. The pink polka dot dress seems to be of good quality and pretty well constructed at that. At this point I've worn it quite a few times, even gotten caught in a downpour while wearing it, and no issues or loose threads or buttons popping or anything else! I hope you enjoy it ^^ It's even cuter in person, actually.

  2. I made a post on my recent taobao purchase. I also made a review. What taobao agent did you use

    -bright bamba

    1. Hii, I use taobaonow.com and have had great luck with them :D I will check out your review as well, and
      I love your blogspot URL, btw! it's awesome, hehe.