Friday, January 27, 2012

It's a taobao explosion, madomoiselle! my second taobao haul





Oh! I say, old bean, have you seen my hat?

I suppose you haven't?! This is my first blog post in a long time, after all! Hello

Yesterday I received my second SUPER GIANT AWESOME haul from Taobao, ordered through
ever-friendly and helpful shopping service agents TaobaoNow, who I am also super happy with! Photos photos photos? I be down down down.

Peter Pan collar dress: Love this romantic retro op! The cut is flattering and it's so comfy and warm.  I've been wanting a peter pan collar dress for ages and this is simple but doesn't disappoint. Trying to do my best to tart this up (ha) with heels or bright tights from now on, though, or people think I'm a nun. (Or according to Mr. Husband, straight out of a Dickensian orphanage?) True story. Purchased from Yaoya Shop.
'Military Chic' hat Such structure, such charm. Oh how I love you, hat, even though I don't know what the heck to call you. Also, the leather strap on the brim is removeable -- it snaps off -- but I'm not so sure why I'd want to do that. The metal "nipple" half of the snaps would be all cold and lonely, standing out against the tan fabric of the hat. Purchased from Qian Cao.

LIZ LISA DOLL lace shorts These are too adorable, but unfortunately for me, semi-translucent. I might end up getting some slip shorts to put under them because I like them so much. So far I've been wearing them under long tops or sweaters and/or with leggings & tights just to be on the safe side. Between my fail!Chinese and not being able to check them out adequately before buying, there be the perils of internet shopping, though. Makes it more exciting? Purchased from Fiery Beauty Japanese Tailor Shop
Chiffon ruffle skirt: Like the above Liz Lisa shorts, I was hoping this would be fit for wearing by itself but it's partially see-through. Fortunately, it also make a good petticoat for shorter skirts that need some oomph. Purchased from Fiery Beauty Japanese Tailor Shop
W♥C denim hi-waist shorts: Flattering and not too shorty-short, but it's stretchy and curve-fitting, and looks great with looser tops and flowy sleeves. Purchased from Lady Marmalade

LIZ LISA off-shoulder sweater replica (back view): I am just recently at a point in my life where I'm getting into florals, ahaha. I think I haven't worn them since the early 1990s?! I have linebacker shoulders so I can't get that cute compete off-the-shoulder look like the model above, but it still awesomely cute, and I like the "butterfly" sleeves and bow + keyhole detail in the back. Purchased from Ayra Japanese Beauty Shop
W♥C Kuma Tee: awesome, if a bit odd. Crosseyed cartoon Kuma face on a patriotic American flag-style background, juxtaposed with the WC JAPAN logo...! Oh say can you see, check out this weird bear thing♪ No, but I love it. Purchased from Fish Shop

Floral Pattern Tights: I previously bought some tights with a haphazard flower pattern -- English garden in the midst of exploding? -- and it made me look like I had some severe skin issues on my legs. These roses are in neat garden-like rows, though, no worries. They also have a nice iridescent sheen to them. Purchased from Fish Shop
Fluffy bow hair elastic: I bought the black one too. Both are very squishable. I find myself reaching on top of my head to squeeze it, even. Honk, honk. Purchased from Yiwuxiaomeizi
TRALALA bow denim shorts: & Cute cowboy aspirations! Love the details on these. There's a double layered bow on the side of each leg opening, and two light blue polka-dotted bows decorating the back pockets. The blue polka dot trim on the front pockets matches the back pocket bows. The color is a little "off," though; the denim has a more yellowish tint to it than shown in the original photo. Purchased from Xiaomonan
LIZ LISA turtleneck sweater: Another case of "looked better on the model." Definitely frumps me up some -- the knit is a lot thicker than expected.The high neck actually buttons up in the back, which is a cute detail, but the cute rose buttons fell off rather quickly and I have yet to sew them back on. purchased from Fiery Beauty Japanese Tailor Shop

 But it was a lovely one all in all! Can't wait for next spring! I plan to do another for the warmer weather months. Cancan hats and short sleeves and summer dresses, oh my.

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