Wednesday, November 2, 2011 haul review!!

My order from came about a week or so ago!!!!!!!!!!!
For four pairs of shoes, I paid a total of : $ 46.25 + Shipping: $ 56.22 = US $ 102.40 -- not bad at all!!

Upon arrival, everything was SUPER cute in person and looks just like the stock images on the site, so I have no complaints in that regard
The quality is what I was expecting for the price, though, really, they seem about on-par with F21 footwear. So far I've worn all of them once, and they're holding up relatively well.

I have no complaints with customer service and the purchasing process was relatively smooth. The biggest issue I had with the entire shipment was it absolutely reeked of chemical factory. When I opened the box up, the smell on the shoes was so strong that I my eyes started watering (nail polish remover, turpentine, industrial cleaner, antifreeze deadly concoction cocktail?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW)

It was this evil, all-consuming cloud of effluvia   It was so bad that I had to toss the shoes in the garage and air them out for five days before I could even go near them, much less wear them. I nearly got sick just opening the box; I fear for the health and safety of the workers who crafted these shoes, if they are exposed to such foul-smelling chemicals on an everyday basis. Seriously, it was that bad.

**UPDATE 2012/2/21
So, 4 months have transpired since I bought these shoes. How about an update to see if they're still hanging in there

Pink heels
I'm still kickin' it in these, so to speak, but the plastic heel caps have fallen off. No big deal, but it's definitely hard to sneak around when I'm loudly clopping everywhere I go.

Over the knee boots
I mourn the loss of these boots, but their unfortunate fate was my fault, because I used them for purposes they were most definitely not intended for: for lack of a better alternative I wore these in deep snow hiking in the Himalayas in December and they just fell apart -- the fabric came almost completely loose from the rubber sole. I tried, but not even shoe cement could bring them back from the brink.

Bow flats
But where are the bows, you ask?! I wore 3 times and the bows came off (who knows, maybe they are still floating around somewhere in the Chicago O'Hare Airport...) I sewed the bows back on and they came off again. Tried glue. Bows fell off, again. Stapled the bows back on and they both fell off, never to be seen again, leaving staples in their wake.

Moccasin-style Ankle Boots
Last, but not least: my star-crossed loves!! These were so comfy, and yet so unstructured that they lost shape very quickly. The flimsy heel became pressed in with normal walking, and the fabric on the heel then began to scuff and a large hole formed, then the sole began coming apart from the fabric of the boot. These ended up being my favorite, so I mourn their loss. I have yet to fill the hole they've left in my shoe collection.

Final Verdict:
If you're looking for a cheap and adorable pair of shoes for a one-time occasion, LovelyShoes has you covered; just have your gas mask at the ready when it's time to open the box. If you're looking for something that will last more than a week's worth of normal activity, look elsewhere. This is a textbook example of "you get what you pay for."

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